Obtaining the GC-MARK certificate!

Dietary supplement
29 juillet 2021

Trust is the most valuable currency in the world. It is hard to win and easy to lose.
A GC-Mark is like a familiar face in the crowd: it inspires trust in customers and makes them feel at home.

Why is this certificate so important?

Manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure maximum hygiene during the production process. However, the safety of the final product also depends upon the quality of the packaging, long after the product has left the production facility.

The GC-Mark “Hygienic Product” can be printed on products that are the result of an effective hygiene management system. The seal informs consumers that the product does not present any risks in terms of hygiene. This is especially relevant for consumer goods such as food and cosmetics.

An on-site assessment, carried out by qualified DQS auditors, ensures that the relevant standards have been met in production facilities, during transport, as well as in warehouses and distribution centers.

The GC-Mark “Certified Hygienic Product”:

  • Is based upon HACCP and GMP
  • Involves a third-party assessment
  • Certifies conformity
  • Can be printed directly on products