recruitment of Functional Architect Information Systems

Information Systems Functional Architect
26 mai 2022

The Functional Architect's mission is to design or modernize an information system in a company. Thus, he is responsible for making an inventory of existing solutions (data repositories, applications) and identifying the objectives to be achieved according to user needs. It takes into account the digital environment and the techniques to be used for the realization of the project. In this sense, it defines a complete urbanization plan. Then, the Town Planner ensures the consistency of the project: relevance of the objectives, well-defined targets, risks taken into account.

The professional is then called upon to supervise the information system architecture project and to supervise the development teams. It ensures the achievement of the identified objectives. The Functional Architect also adopts a role of communicator with his colleges. It informs the employees as well as the actors of the information system of the changes made. To do this, it sets up summary tools explaining the new features of the information system.

It is also the link between the technical areas of information systems and the financial areas of the company. Once the projects have been completed, the Town Planner must be on constant watch to analyze and understand new technologies in order to deploy them for future projects.