Who are we ?

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11 août 2020

Who are we ?
OPALIA RECORDATI, the success story:

OPALIA RECORDATI started with 25 people, now has 27 years later, nearly 400 women and men who work in the same direction: raise the level of technology and pharmaceutical research in Tunisia and make it shine in its sector, internationally "

OPALIA RECORDATI has managed, today, to position itself as a future leader in all types of products, with drugs covering all specialties and pharmaceutical classes, ranging from pediatrics to cardiology, neurology, urology. and nephrology.
First Tunisian exporter of drugs and 4th in terms of production in the pharmaceutical industry, OPALIA RECORDATI which became a fully-fledged RECORDATI subsidiary
will remain at the service of medicine and public health with societal values.

1988: Foundation of OPALIA RECORDATI by Dr Alya El HEDDA and Mr Marco MONTANARI of OPALIA RECORDATI, one of the first manufacturers of generic drugs in Tunisia.
OPALIA RECORDATI has set itself the main mission of meeting the needs and expectations of patients while ensuring a balance between accessibility to care and international standards.

1995: OPALIA RECORDATI's drug offering was enhanced with 35 MAs, making it one of the most dynamic companies on the market.
OPALIA RECORDATI very quickly became one of the jewels of the Tunisian industry and a leader of the Tunisian pharmaceutical market by specializing in the production of branded generic drugs in dermatology and in the gastrointestinal and respiratory therapeutic classes.
OPALIA RECORDATI notably had access to the African market and became the leading Tunisian exporter of medicines.

1998-1999: OPALIA RECORDATI enters the Iraqi market.

2007: entry into production of the Kalaat El Andalous site.

OPALIA RECORDATI manufactures most of its products in a modern, certified CGMP production facility specializing in liquid, pasty, semi-pasty pharmaceutical forms and today, dry forms.

2009-2013: Investment of the Abraaj Group, operating in growing global markets, an invaluable phase in the history of OPALIA's growth. The participation of Abraaj therefore allowed the company to increase its sales by 2.5.

2013: Entry of RECORDATI into the capital of OPALIA Pharma. The change in the capital of OPALIA RECORDATI is undoubtedly a new impetus for development and growth and international expansion.


A center of competitiveness and excellence, a strong international presence, with influence in the Africa-MENA region.These strong assets combined with the choice of OPALIA RECORDATI to base its strategy on the accessibility of its products at the most many, are all reasons which motivated RECORDATI's choice to integrate OPALIA RECORDATI into its international network: OPALIA RECORDATI became OPALIA RECORDATI, a fully-fledged RECORDATI subsidiary, in July 2013.
This strategic choice of RECORDATI now allows the Group to strengthen its presence and increase its international activities through its new subsidiary, which shines in this region.