Preserve environment


Sustainable development

OPALIA RECORDATI has established an "internal environmental program" establishing the responsibility of the company in terms of preserving the environment.

The main environmental impacts resulting from its activities are the consumption of natural resources, the generation of waste and discharges into nature.

Our eco-citizen approach applies to all our departments:

- Minimize paper waste in administrative services
- Control the consumption of electricity for all our equipment
- Build an industrial wastewater treatment station on our site

This whole process meets the requirements of an international standard: ISO 14001

What is ISO 14001?

This standard makes it possible to ensure that all the activities of a structure that have a negative impact on the environment are identified and reduced; it is therefore preferable to remove them and replace them with activities that are beneficial for the environment, or at least neutral.

The ISO 14001 standard recommends to initiate an approach by respecting the following steps:

- Definition of the environmental policy and the means and resources necessary to implement it. This policy must be communicated to all levels of the structure.
- Identification of the activities of the structure involving risks to the environment as well as of the applicable regulations
- Establishment of an action plan in order to analyze, for each risky activity, the best way to reduce the risk or even avoid it.

OPALIA RECORDATI therefore takes a proactive approach to protect the planet and is committed to reducing the potentially harmful residues of pharmaceutical substances in the environment and limiting its CO2 emissions to fight climate change. Our environmental strategy is applied over the entire life cycle of our products.

OPALIA RECORDATI undertakes to:

- Make its manufacturing processes safer and more ecological
- Reduce water consumption and energy consumption
- Reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions during the transport of our medicines