Our methodology


Promote access to health

Our responsibility goes beyond industrial responsibility, and our commitment is not limited to that of its brands ”
The patient, his well-being and his needs is our main concern.

It is committed to meeting patient expectations while ensuring a balance between accessibility to care and sustainability of health systems.
Its culture is to transmit knowledge and work with the goal of living in a healthier world.

It is in this image that the laboratory takes on an international dimension while remaining faithful to the humanist values that it has always defended, taking care of its social responsibility as a company: patients, doctors, health authorities, customers, employees , investors, public and private partners, but also the communities in which we live and work.



Patient safety

The main responsibility of our Quality and Pharmacovigilance teams is to guarantee patient safety. Our approach consists in ensuring the quality of our products at each stage of their life cycle, from the first stages of development to their distribution, in accordance with regulatory requirements, all over the world.